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The use of this Website with the domain name (hereinafter referred to as the “Website“), managed by the Greek company under the trade name “OLIVARTIA Limited Liability Company” and the distinctive title “OLIVARTIA LTD” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company“), is subject to the Terms & Conditions of Use and to the provisions of this section entitled “Personal Data Protection Policy”, which forms an integral part of the terms of use of the Website.   

The Company respects the privacy of each visitor/user of the Website. This section summarizes the information which may be collected by the Company and the manner in which it may be used, as well as information in relation to the actions which have to be taken by the Website user if the latter does not wish the collection or the further processing of personal information during the visit to the Website.

These data protection terms may be revised unilaterally by the Company and updated at any time without prior notice. Visitors/users shall control these terms for any changes at regular intervals, given that the use of the Website entails the acceptance on their behalf of all of the amendments thereof (the terms).

What type of information do we collect from you

When you visit the Website, we may collect data from you. Some of these data may be of a personal nature. This data may include your search history, the IP address, screen resolution, browser you used, operating system, settings, access times, and your reference URL. If you’re using a mobile device, we may also collect data that identifies your device, settings, and your location.

The Company reserves the right to collect non-personal identification data of users (browser type, computer type, operating system, internet providers, etc.) or/and to track Internet Protocol (IP Address) addresses by using relevant technologies (cookies). Cookies are small text files which are stored on each user’s hard disk without enabling access to documents or files from the user’s computer. They are used to facilitate user’s access during the use of specific services or/and pages of the Website, as well as for statistical purposes. For more information about the cookies used by the Website, users are kindly requested to visit the Cookies Policy page.

If you’re interested in contacting with you via the contact form, we will compulsorily collect your name and email address.

If you send us an email, we’ll necessarily collect your email address as well as the content indicated by you.

If you choose to sign in for the Company’s newsletter, we’ll collect your email address.

How we collect your personal data

We collect your personal data directly from you. You provide us with your personal data when you fill in the registration form on our Newsletter, which is available on our website, when you fill in the Website communication form, or when you send us an email.

Use – notification of personal data

We use your personal data in order to respond to your requests to keep you constantly updated by downloading the newsletter.

Your personal data that we collect through the website are not disclosed to third parties.

Should the users of the website be referred towards third party websites via special connections (links), the Company shall not be responsible and shall not provide guarantee on the personal data management and protection terms which are followed by third parties.

Storage – protection of personal data

The data center where your personal data is stored is located in Greece or within the EEA.

Personal data storage period

 The retention period of your personal data is defined as follows:

  1. If you complete the contact form, your personal data is retained for a period of twelve (12) months.
  2. If you are registered with the newsletter transmission service, your personal data will be retained for a period of two (2) years or until you have requested your deregistration. You may inform us at any time that you no longer wish that the newsletter is sent, by sending a relevant e-mail to, in which case your data will be deleted, or by pressing the direct deregistration hyperlink which is included in each of our informational messages.

Subjects’ rights  

You have the right to obtain information regarding your personal data that has been stored by us at any time, in accordance with the applicable law and without any charge. We may request an evidence of your identity before we give you this data. In some cases, we may not be able to allow access to certain personal data. For example, if your personal data is related to personal data of other persons or if they are retained for legal reasons. In these cases, we will explain to you the reason why you cannot obtain such data.

You have the right to request rectification – update of your information and the Company will proceed to their immediate correction.

You have the right to request deletion of your personal data and the Company will proceed to the immediate deletion thereof. However, in certain cases where existing legal and tax obligations require mandatory retention of data, the deletion of the data may be prohibited. In such cases, we will explain to you the reason why we cannot delete your personal data and for how long.

You have the right to request that the Company stops processing your personal data and the Company will immediately cease to process them. If this is not feasible, we will explain to you the reason why we cannot cease to process your Personal Data.

You have the right to request restriction of processing of your personal data by the Company and the Company will immediately restrict their processing. If this is not feasible, we will explain to you the reason why we cannot restrict the processing of your Personal Data.

You have the right to request the transfer of your personal data to another body/organization and the Company will immediately transfer such data.  However, in some cases your request may not be accepted due to substantiated obligations of the Company.

If it is proved that your personal data has been leaked from the Company which leads to material or non-material damage on your behalf, you have the right to complain before the competent supervisory authority (Personal Data Protection Authority).

In order to exercise your above rights or if you have any queries regarding the personal data protection policy or if you need help about the exercise or understanding the privacy options, please contact the privacy group at or write us at: OLIVARTIA LTD, Kapariana Moires, Heraklion of Crete, PC 70400

Use of Cookies

Non-personal identification details of its visitors/users may be collected through this Website using relevant technologies, such as cookies or/and monitoring Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and other similar, as these result from the communication of the web browser with the server. Cookies are small text files saved in the hard disc of any visitor/ user and neither receive knowledge of any file contained in his/her computer, nor lead to the identification of the computer with any person. They are used to facilitate the access of the visitor/ user to specific services and/or pages of the website, for statistical reasons and in order to define areas which are useful or popular.

Essential Cookies. These cookies are important for our website, so that we can give you the possibility to browse it and use its features. Without these absolutely essential Cookies, we may not be able to provide specified services or functions and our website will not operate as smoothly for you as we would wish.

Essential Cookies on this Website may include:

Cookie  Description         Domain


Performance cookies. Performance Cookies, sometimes called analytics Cookies, collect information concerning your use of the specific Website and allow us to improve its operating mode. For example, our performance Cookies show which are the most frequently visited pages on the website, allow us to view overall usage models on the Website, help us record any difficulties encountered by you with the Website.

Performance Cookies on this Website may include:

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Functionality cookies. In some cases we may use functionality Cookies. Functionality Cookies allow us to remember the choices you make on our Website and to provide more enriched and personalized operations. All these features help us improve your visit to our Website.

Functionality Cookies on this Website may include:

Cookie  Description         Domain


Flash Cookies. We may, in certain cases, use the AdobeFlash Player in order to display specific content, such as video clips or animation. In order to improve your experience as a user, Local Shared Objects (commonly known as “Flash Cookies”) are used to provide functions such as memorizing your settings and preferences. Flash Cookies are stored on your device, but they are managed through an interface which is other than that provided by your internet browser. That means you can’t manage Flash Cookies at a browser level, in the same way you would manage cookies. Instead, you can access the Flash program management tools directly from the Adobe website. The Adobe website provides detailed information about how to delete or disable Flash Cookies – see for further information. You should be aware that if you do not activate or deactivate or dispose Flash cookies for this Website, you may not be able to access certain functions, such as video contents or services where your signature is required.

Targeted or Advertising Cookies. We, as well as our service providers, may be using Targeted or Ad Cookies, to promote advertisements that we believe are most relevant to you and to your interests. For example, we may use targeted or ad cookies, so that we limit the frequency in which you see the same ad on our Website and to obtain assistance in measuring the effectiveness of promotional actions. These cookies remember what you have looked at on our website and we may share this information with other organizations, such as advertisers.

For more information about targeted and promotional cookies and about your way to leave, you may visit the website or

Targeted or Ad Cookies on this Website may include:

Cookie  Description         Domain


Third parties using cookies on our website

In some cases, we may cooperate with third parties, so that we provide services on our Website. Third party advertisers and other enterprises may use their own Cookies to collect information about your activities on our Website and/or about advertisements selected by you. This information can be used by them, so that they provide advertisements which they considered most likely to be of your interest, based on the content you’ve seen. Third party advertisers may also use this information to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements. We do not control these Cookies and, in order to deactivate or reject third party Cookies, please contact the website of the third party concerned. You can also learn more about Cookies control in the following paragraphs.

How to control cookies

You may not allow or refuse the acceptance of Cookies from this Website at any time, either by not activating the relevant setting in your browser, or by activating the setting in your browser which allows you to reject them.

You can refuse to accept Flash Cookies from the Website by using either your browser’s corresponding setting or the Adobe Flash management tools at More information about the procedure which must be followed by you in order to deactivate the cookies, if you have activated them, can be found on the provider’s website in the web browser, through the help window.

You may want to search for more information on cookies management in the most frequently used browsers at

Please note that if cookies are not activated or deactivated, it is likely that all features of the Website will not operate in an optimum way.

Applicable law and other terms

This personal data protection policy of the Website, as well as any amendment thereto, is governed, interpreted and supplemented by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “Regulation” or “GDPR”), Law 4624/2019, Law 3471/2006, the applicable Greek law and European Union law. If any provision of the above terms contradicts the current legal framework, it ceases ipso jure to apply and is removed from these terms, without, in any case, prejudice to the validity of the other terms.

No amendment of this policy shall be taken into account or become part thereof, unless it has been stated in writing and integrated in this page.

For any dispute that may arise in the interpretation or application of these terms between the Company and the visitor/user shall first be paid amicable resolution effort, while if such an effort proves unsuccessful, the courts of Heraklion of Crete will be competent to resolve any relevant dispute.